The Art of Expressive Conducting


(Rome, Italy, August 26 - 31, 2019)


The Atlantic Coast Orchestra - non profit association is very excited to announce the 4th edition of the most inspiring and extraordinary International Conducting Masterclass entitled “The Art of Expressive Conducting”.

Settled in one of the most historical districts of the amazing città di Roma, in Italy, The Art of Expressive Conducting will provide an extraordinary and unique opportunity for conductors from all over the world to study, develop and perfects their conducting skills in an exceptional professional music environment under the mentoring of Maestro Luis Miguel Clemente, Head of Conducting Studies at the Atlantic Coast International Conducting Academy (Portugal), Chief Conductor of the Atlantic Coast Orchestra and PhD researcher in Orchestra Conducting. Recently, Luis has given conducting masterclasses in Portugal, Spain, England, Mexico, Italy, Taiwan and USA.

Luis is currently one of the world's most sought-after, inspiring, supportive, charismatic and renowned "new-generation" conducting pedagogue. He has an international reputation as professional conductor, orchestral trainer and he is a worldwide leading pedagogue specialized in phenomenology of conducting gesture. Through his unique and personal approach to teaching and mentoring, Luis generates an atmosphere that combines intensity of study with a mutually supportive and creative environment.

The 2019 edition of The Art of Expressive Conducting masterclass will focus on a practical approach to the relation between phenomenology of conducting gesture and effective communication, specially the ability to convey musical intention through gesture and influence all aspects of a high standard and creative artistic performance. Practical conducting sessions will be held with professional and experienced pianists and also with the extraordinary Equilibrium Orchestra, made of some of the finest musicians from Italy’s leading symphony orchestras.

The masterclass will end with two closure concerts entirely conducted by all Active Participants, at the magnificent Vatican Basilica Papale di San Paolo fouri le mura, which also represents an important opportunity for conductors present themselves in the Italian music context.



MOZART | Overture to La clemenza di Tito, K. 621.

BEETHOVEN | Coriolan Overture, Op. 62

WAGNER | Siegfried-Idyll, WWV 103

MENDELSSOHN | Symphony No. 4 in A Major, Op. 90 "Italian

BEETHOVEN | Symphony No. 8 in F Major, Op. 93

A maximum of 12 Active Participants will get an intense and inspiring week, where Maestro Luis Miguel Clemente will deepen some extraordinary and challenging masterpieces focusing on the art and craft of conducting, in order to help participants to perfect their conducting skills, musicality and interpretation.

Semi-Active Participants will have the opportunity to assist to all theoretical and practical sessions and each one will have an individual conducting lesson with piano mentored by maestro Luis Miguel Clemente.

The Art of Expressive Conducting masterclass establishes an important connection between conducting (theory and practice), interpretation and other essential subjects as score-study, score-marking, all related to the art of conducting. The masterclass represents an essential opportunity for conductors, conducting students (of all levels) and musicians in that it contributes decisively to the artistic and musical development regarding conducting, rehearsal/performance, and leadership with all kinds of ensembles and orchestras.

Do not miss the opportunity and make sure to apply as early as possible!


General Information


Active Participants: 1125€
Semi-Active Participants: 195€

Each participant should arrange and pay for their own personal accommodation and meals. There are many options available that can be arranged through a booking service or equivalent.

Semi-Active Participants are also welcome and can attend all practical and theoretical sessions. During the week, Semi-Active Participants will have the opportunity to conduct at an individual class with Mº Luis Miguel Clemente.


- 12 Active Participants will be selected from applicants
- There is no limit for Semi-Active Participants
- There is no age limit to apply


1. Submit the Application Form;
2. The Application deadline is JUNE 15, 2019. There are no application fees. Due to great demand, places will probably be filled before the application deadline. Early application is advised and will be given priority;
3. Applications will be reviewed by received order. After applying, you should wait for a confirmation email regarding your acceptance (you will receive this within approximately 2 weeks);
4. After receiving a successful acceptance email the applicant must transfer the amount listed above. Fees are non-refundable. You should provide the exact amount of fee to the organizers and it is your responsibility to cover bank transfers.


Masterclass starts: Monday 26nd August 2019 (afternoon)
Masterclass ends: Saturday 31th August 2019 (2 pm)

Daily work covers

- Conducting technique & gesture analysis
- Conducting practice
- Video analysis & interpretation discussion
- Score-Study and Marking
- Podium time:  +/- 180min (60min piano + 120min orchestra)


- Two final public concert in Rome: Friday 30 & Saturday 31 August
- Active Participants will conduct different repertoire in each concert


English (officia),  Italian, Spanish, Portuguese


Conductors are allowed to video-record all sessions and can bring their own equipment. A video camera will be available free of charge, participants should bring and manage their own SD card.



Accademia Musicale Clivis

Via Giovanni Botero, 18, 00179 Roma RM, Itália



"Maestro Luis is a person that, from the beginning, we can not avoid! Pedagogically and musically extremely good. Raise us to a much higher level."

“Luis is a brilliant conducting teacher! Usually the maestro tell us something we should "repeat", but Luis shows us different ways to get a certain sound with the orchestra... it's spectacular! It presents us with various solutions to the problem and stimulates our interpretive identity... a fantastic teacher."

"Maestro Luis Clemente is the best teacher I have ever had, a fantastic musician."

Luis Miguel Clemente is a prominent conductor, professor of orchestra conducting and a notable Portuguese researcher, recognized as one of the foremost experienced and exciting talents of his generation, that develops an intense activity in Portugal and abroad. Charismatic and refined conductor, he is motivated by a deep belief in the positive power of music to unite and inspire people. Luis is considered "a charismatic conductor and inspiring leader, endowed with flawless conducting technique coupled with meticulous musical and musicological knowledge” (C. Metters).

Luis is Head of Conducting Studies at the Atlantic Coast International Conducting Academy (Portugal), Chief Conductor of the Atlantic Coast Orchestra and PhD researcher in Orchestra Conducting. Recently, Luis has given conducting masterclasses in Portugal, Spain, England, Mexico, Italy, Taiwan and USA.

He is currently in the final phase of his research in order to obtain a Doctorate in Orchestra Conducting at the University of Aveiro, with a thesis focused on maestro Carlos Kleiber.