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V Atlantic Coast International Conducting Masterclass & Competition

6 - 12 May 2019, Esposende, Portugal
Luis Miguel Clemente & the Atlantic Coast Orchestra

Applications deadline: March 15, 2019


We are very excited to announce the V edition of the inspiring and extraordinary Atlantic Coast International Conducting Masterclass & Conducting Competition entitled “THE GERMAN GEIST”.

The Masterclass & Competition will provide an extraordinary and unique opportunity for conductors from all over the world to study, develop and perfects their conducting skills in the art of conducting in an exceptional professional music environment under the mentoring of Maestro Luis Miguel Clemente, Head of Conducting Studies at the Atlantic Coast International Conducting Academy (Portugal), Chief Conductor of the Atlantic Coast Orchestra and PhD researcher in Orchestra Conducting. Luis is one of the world's most sought-after, inspiring, supportive, charismatic and renowned "new-generation" conducting pedagogue. He has an international reputation as professional conductor, orchestral trainer and he is a leading conducting pedagogue. He has given conducting masterclasses in Portugal, Spain, England, Mexico, Italy, Taiwan and USA.


A maximum of 11 Active Conductors will get an intense and inspiring 7 days masterclass, where Maestro Luis Miguel Clemente will deepen a challenging repertoire from some of the greatest german composers, focusing on the art and craft of conducting and will explore the relation between phenomenology of conducting and effective communication, in order to help participants to perfects the ability to convey musical intention through gesture and influence all aspects of a high standard and creative artistic performance.

All Active Participants will also compete for the V Atlantic Coast International Conducting Competition “THE GERMAN GEIST 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize award. The competition is an internal part of the masterclass and the main goal is to give an extra motivation for conductors in the development of their knowledge.

The masterclass and competition will end with a closure concert entirely conducted by all Active Participants with the Atlantic Coast Orchestra at the centenary and welcoming Belinho Church, which represents also an important opportunity for conductors present themselves in the Portuguese music context.

Do not miss the opportunity and make sure to apply as early as possible!


BEETHOVEN | Overture 'Egmont' Op. 84
WAGNER | Incidental Music to 'König Enzio' overture, WWV 24
MENDELSSOHN | Die Hebriden Overture, Op.26
MENDELSSOHN | Symphony Nr.3 in A minor, Op. 26, 'Scottish'
BEETHOVEN | Symphony Nr.7 in A Major op.92

The Atlantic Coast International Conducting Masterclass & Conducting Competition THE GERMAN GEIST” establishes a fundamental connection between conducting (theory and practice), focusing on conducting technique and, particularly, on rehearsal skills.

Through his unique and personal approach to teaching and mentoring, Maestro Luis Miguel Clemente generates an atmosphere that combines intensity of study with a mutually supportive and creative environment. The Masterclass & Competition represents an essential opportunity for established and young conductors, conducting students, musicians and music pedagogues who would like to improve their skills in ensemble leadership, musical development, conducting technique, rehearsal technique and performance.



Number of active conductors: Up to 11
Venue: the beautiful coast city of Esposende (Braga district, Portugal). Exact place will be communicate to participants.
Masterclass & Competition starts: Monday 6 May 2019 (15:00h)
Masterclass & Competition ends: Sunday 12 May 2019 (18:30h)
Final Concert: Sunday, 12 May, at Belinho Church, Av. da Igreja, 4740-165 Belinho  

Competition: Maestro Luis Miguel Clemente and members from the orchestra will vote in order to elect the 3 conductors to be awarded with the respective oficial diplomas of 1st, 2nd and 3rd places at the conducting competition. All participants will get written feedback of their week´s performance.

Course Language: English (official), Portuguese, Italian, Spanish and French
Video Recording: Conductors are allowed to video-record all sessions. A video camera will be available free of charge. Participants should bring their own SD card or equipment.





  • OBSERVERS: 150€

The Active Participants will conduct in daily sessions with piano (5 rehearsals) + orchestra (4 rehearsals) + General rehearsal + Concert. Active Participants will get aprox. 200 min podium time (ca. 100 min. with orchestra + 100 min. with piano)

The Semi-Active Participants will get aprox. 30 min podium time, conduct in one dedicated session with piano (ca. 15 min.) + one session with orchestra (ca. 15 min.).

All Observers can attend all practical and theoretical sessions. Observers enrroled in the full week will have the opportunity to have an individual lesson with Mº Luis Miguel Clemente.

Esposende is a very small city, where you can make almost everything by foot. Each participant should take care of personal accommodation and meals. There are very affordable options in Esposende that you should reach through booking services or equivalent.



  1. You should apply by submit the Application Form (HERE). There are no application fees;

  2. The Application deadline is March 15, 2019; Application is possible until all active places are taken.

  3. Applications will be reviewed by maestro Luis Miguel Clemente by received order (Early submission of application will be given priority!). As soon as possible, you will receive an email regarding the outcome of your application;

  4. After receiving a successful acceptance email the applicant must transfer the correspondent amount:

    • Active Participants: one payment of 1275€ within 10 days after acceptance;

    • Semi- Active Participants: one payment of 375€ within 10 days after acceptance;

    • Observers: one payment of 150€ within 10 days after acceptance.